Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing for all aspiring wealthy affiliates will begin here to allow you to eventually become proficient at affiliate marketing.  In time you will learn how to set up your basic Word Press website that contains your “Target Page” where you will sell a physical or digital product, by using a paid Facebook ad campaign to send targeted buyers to your “money page”, but for now we will begin with one of the most basic campaigns.
The first thing that is done with ANY affiliate marketing strategy is to select a product. This can be something around your house that you have been wanting to sell at a garage sale. So this is a wonderful opportunity to begin your campaign, and the things around your home that you want to be rid of are 100% markup, meaning the cost basis at this time is zero. Also, for your first campaign I would suggest a product with at least a $50.00 dollar price point.

Later, as a wannabe wealthy affiliate when you build your first website you will learn about “keyword phrases” and why you will need a number of appropriate high-value keyword phrases in which to build your campaign around. Don’t worry you don’t need to do this just yet, as the easiest and cheapest way to for you to begin is to place a product on “Ebay”. We recommend to use a reserve price or buy it now price, and the customer would pay shipping.

Once you have placed the product on a “selling page” – with a unique URL address, then you need to drive customers, otherwise known as traffic, to it. Here you will simply use your Facebook account to create an ad that uses/directs to your product’s unique URL address. Be sure to use Facebook’s ad targeting that is specific to your product.

For example; you have a slightly used golf putter you desire to sell so you target “golf groups” between the age of 20 and 50. Also, if you are only selling one putter; do not set your Facebook ad up for more than 100 images. This is because from the people already looking for your product, the conversion rate is statistically proven to be between 1 and 4 percent. Thus, you need to present your image to between 25 and 100 interested parties to sell it. As you get more experience you can cut your ad images to 50 images or lower per campaign – but for this first one you want a successful experience.

Any wealthy affiliate should sell your golf putter like that, and soon you will be expert at “wealthy affiliate marketing”.

See how easy this is? And… This is only the beginning, because as you become more experienced you can begin selling from other vendors in quantity, and get the benefits of “economies of scale”.